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Using the Grid/Getting a Grid certificate

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Grid certificates are supplied by a Certification Authority (CA). Users affiliated with Dutch institutes can request a digital certificate either by Digicert CA or DutchGrid CA.

If you are a researcher in the Netherlands we recommended you to request a certificate via Digicert CA, by using your institutional login and SURFconext. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a Grid certificate.

How to get a Digicert certificate

DigiCert CA allows you to get your Grid certificate instantly from the GEANT Trusted Certificate Service (former was the Terena portal), by using your institutional login and SURFconext.

  • Request a so called Grid Premium certificate by accessing the DigiCert portal.
Note: If you need help to obtain your Digicert certificate, please read the User Guide or contact us at

How to get a DutchGrid CA certificate

  • To get your certificate by DutchGrid CA, launch the JGridstart tool from here: and follow the instructions.

An alternative more cumbersome procedure to get the DutchGrid CA certificate is described here: Using_the_Grid/Getting_a_Grid_certificate_the_old_Way

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