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Capitalization in MediaWiki

  • The first character of a page title is automatically capitalized, i.e. it's impossible to create a page named storage element: it will automatically be named Storage element. Wikilinks storage element and Storage element both point to page Storage element.
  • For all other characters, case is preserved, i.e. two separate pages named Storage element (good) and Storage Element (bad) can coexist. Wikilinks storage element and Storage Element point to separate pages Storage element and Storage Element respectively.
  • The Go and Search features are case-insensitive.
  • Namespaces are case-insensitive: wikipedia:FooBar and WikiPedia:FooBar point at the same page.

Page name conventions

To prevent ambivalence in page naming and capitalization, it's important that all editors agree on one page name policy. This wiki uses the same naming convertion as Wikipedia:

  • The first character is always capitalized (enforced by the system).
  • Subsequent words are all lowercase, unless they are a name.
  • Give a page the shortest possible uniquely distinguishing name.
  • Prefer spelled-out names to acronyms. Use #REDIRECTs for common acronyms and abbreviations, e.g. page SE should redirect to page Storage element.

See also wikipedia:Naming conventions.